CD Label Designer

Actual version: 9.0.3

Change History

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+ features added
& improvements
* bugs fixed

Version 9.0.3

+ Greek language introduced (not complete)
+ Brother printers direct CD printing
* Few small bugs fixed

Version 9.0.2

* Problem with empty Print Layouts list on some computers
* Wrong preview (small, inside Print window) of booklet with images problem
+ Slovenian, Russian and Ukranian languages added/updated

Version 9.0.1

* Crash in drawing under rare circumstances
* Problem with inserting PNG image which is not True Color (less than 24 bits)

Version 9.0

WARNING: Upgrade to this version is NOT FREE unless you purchased after June 1st, 2022.
If you purchased before that day, you are eligible for 50% discount.

+ Improved Text Editor with several new options (strikeout, subscript, superscipt, line spacing...)
+ Full support for Right To Left (RTL) languages
+ Installer and application Options: configurable folder to keep background photos
+ Support for joined letters (Arabic) in Circled Text
+ Added numerous printer models for direct CD printing

& Quite significant drawing performance improvement
& Better transparency output quality
& Toolbar icons redesign, better visibility for dark theme
& Foreign letter filenames are supported now
& Menu bar moved into title bar to save some screen space
& Transparent color for images now with tolerance (fixed to ~10% for now)
& Search through Print Layouts improved speed
& Right-click options in Picture Edit and Text Edit
& Foreign letter in object selection drop down list (Toolbox)
& Better handling of multiple selected objects of various type
& Better Toolbox behavior

* Changing theme wrongly changes circled text font
* Text color for Light theme tabs in Label Properties
* Search through Print Layouts sometimes crashes
* Toolbox visibility when switching labels
* Print popup menus not themed
* TextEdit set font from first instead of last selected character
* Style of tooltips not consistent
* Show only removable drives in drive selection lists
* Status bar tooltips for other windows
* Numerous smaller improvements and bug fixes

Version 8.3

& Update default application font
& Redesign window titlebar
* Internet browser doesn't work - remove it
* Various small bug fixes and improvements

Version 8.2.1

& Easier selecting direct CD print layout
* Few bugs fixed

Version 8.2

& Move layouts to common profile data
& Update installer
& Update Italian translation
* Options | CDDB page changing bug
* CDDB default server vanished, updated configuration
& Update CLD files icons
& File type association moved to more appropriate place in registry
* Several rare bugs fixed

Version 8.1.3

* Several rare crashing bug fixes

Version 8.1.2

* Problem after switching to renamed language file
* Label in second page of configuration wizard doesn't take correct translated charset
& Update German
& Update Dutch
& Update Italian

Version 8.1.1

+ New configuration option: Uppercase main menu
* Toolbox label tooltips not translated
+ Added Portuguese (Brazil)
& Update German
& Update Dutch

Version 8.1

& Add Spanish (machine translation)
& Add Portuguese (machine translation)
* Multiple translation problems and missing texts

Version 8.0.1

& Czech language update
* Error while printing with some printers
* Problem with automatic bugs reporting

Version 8.0

WARNING: Upgrade to this version is NOT FREE unless you purchased after September 1st, 2019.
If you purchased before that day, you are eligible for 50% discount.

+ Full support for transparent and partially transparent PNG images (Alpha channel)
+ Better and easier support for any sized labels
+ Support for second disc in the same file
+ Add type and layout to New Wizard
+ Add several new label formats
& Toolbox image actions should apply to all selected
& Sort Toolbox layouts by name
& Keep selection after undo/redo
& "Lock" option status barely visible
& Better handling of saving files error
& Downloading images: hold refreshing image toolbox until all done
* Tiled images not scaled correctly for the printer resolution or zoom level
* Problem with transparent images and smaller images under them
* Problem with non-rectangular shapes and smaller images under them
* Duplicate zooming in PicProp
* Downloading images: total size showing 0 MB
* Several other minor fixes and improvements

Version 7.2.1

* Fixed multiple, mostly rare, bugs with themes, label presets, printing...

Version 7.2

+ Export labels directly to PDF format
+ Booklet export option: pair pages into one image
+ Zoom text editor
& Bleed support for booklet
* Underline and strikeout for circled text not positioned correctly
* When exporting booklet, objects partially outside boundaries in some cases might not be exported

Version 7.1

+ Rotate shapes (star, polygon and diamond)
+ Adjust star shape (arm depth)
& Allow three-side polygon (triangle)
& Allow three-point star
& Optimize drawing speed when moving sliders in toolbox
* Problem with scaled object positions on different DPI computers
* Print Window with large fonts settings
* Other small bug fixes

Version 7.0.1

* Startup crash in Lite version
* Several crashes in Print Layout window
* Specific case crashes regarding template files
& Improved speed while changing themes
* Other small bug fixes

Version 7.0

WARNING: Upgrade to this version is NOT FREE unless you purchased after September 1st, 2016.
If you purchased before that day, you are eligible for 50% discount.

+ Shape frame line style (dotted, dashed...)
+ Tiling scale introduced
+ List of objects for easy selection
+ Replace image option
+ More than 150 new background images and tile patterns
+ Modern Dark and Light themes
+ Lite version introduced
+ Option to use default themed background
& Hold Shift while resizing to keep center in place
& Better mouse wheel behavior
& Arrows to move object, Alt+Arrows move them in smaller steps
& When cropping image, re-calculate position to reflect position of selected area
& Automatically zoom to fit when file is opened
& Image editor - set Whole zoom by default
& Faster online background photos checking
& Support Tiles background downloading
& Help tooltip for resizing/moving
& Automatically add installed backgrounds folder to favorites
* Wrong drawing position when shadow position is negative
* After image cropping, move image if completely outside the label
* Some Toolbar items language not updated until restart
* Several other minor fixes and improvements

Version 6.0

+ Support circled text effects
+ Number of new Print Layouts added
+ Blu-Ray box templates
+ Option to download more high quality background pictures (for registered users only)
+ Search through Print layouts
+ Print Layout notes placeholder, for comments, list of supported printers, etc.
+ Copy Print layout option
& Drawing speed optimized
& Better default new object positions
& More logical object selecting
& Keep center while resizing circled text
& Tries to automatically recognize if background image should be tiled
& Slightly improved Image browser
& Spine width is now also part of Print layout
& Various user interface visual and usability improvements
* Fixed some spelling errors
* Several other minor fixes and improvements

Version 5.4

+ Support bleed while exporting
* Several problems with Undo option
& Add Export button to toolbar
* Right-click -> Insert... doesn't put objects on the correct place
* Drag and drop image doesn't put it on the correct position
* White horizontal lines while using mouse wheel
+ Quick introduction as few balloon tips (main screen and Print Layout)
& Trial now gives an option: watermark or low quality
* Several other minor fixes and improvements

Version 5.3.1

& More print layouts added
* Can't disable printing file/song list on the Booklet

Version 5.3

* Odd behavior when creating new print layout
* DVD spine position problem with large system fonts
* Displaced circled text when reversed
* Traces while moving circled text

Version 5.2.2

* In circled texts Unicode characters are sometime represented as question marks
* Problem with disappearing texts in some cases

Version 5.2.1

* Default template used in New Label Wizard missing
* Checkboxes in some window barely visible

Version 5.2

& Layouts and templates moved to user Application Data folder
& Remember last used text color in Text Edit window
* Printing elements partially outside boundaries when shadow effect is on
* Typing in Web browsers invokes actions (H - Help, P - Print, etc)
* Alt+Arrows and Size toolbar doesn't allow moving outside boundaries

Version 5.1

+ Possibility to choose preferred media type (paper, printable disc printout position in some cases
* URLs in texts are underlined when printing
* Compact option in Print window sets wrong size
* Image transparency not shown in Properties window

Version 3.4

+ Group/Ungroup objects
+ Select All option

& Keyboard arrows move objects now
& Allow entering position for group of objects
& Snap to grid turned off by default

* Unnecessary "size don't match" warning
* Pasting images from clipboard causes AV when opening
* Position and size spin controls don't work as expected
* Text font and background color are not adjusted in the toolbox
* Problem with transparent text object when window background setting is not white

Version 3.3.1

* Case labels enlarged sometimes
* Improved printout quality for text-only printouts

Version 3.3

+ Business Card format support added

& Possibility to define center position in print layout
& Wrong size warning can be turned off now

* Minor bugs fixed

Version 3.2

& Warning when layout and design size don't match

* System error 1400 Invalid Window Handle
* Scaled text when printing when autosize is on
* Align disc layout to bottom doesn't work well

Version 3.1

+ DVD spine direction is now configurable

* Default text size is zero sometimes
* Text autosize problems
* Text doesn't print when Autosize is on
* Selection rect is not visible
* Problem with copy/paste when destination is smaller then source
* Uninstall problems
* Image transparency problems
* Last undo step clears a label
* System error 1400 Invalid Window Handle
* Occasional crashing when moving a mouse

Version 3.0.2

* List index out of bounds on Back and DVD labels
* Remove file extension for MP3/WMA files
* Color of spine lines should be always black

Version 3.0.1

& Option to read filenames instead of titles for MP3 and WMA files

* Error in New Wizard when background image is not selected
* Booklet page order
* Ugly icons at 16-bit color depth
* Text size while reading old format files is wrong