CD Label Designer Testimonials

I have wasted at least $200 in my life trying different Commercial CD Label making packages and programs before I found your's through a friend. I couldn't believe that it was so easy to use. With your product I never had to figure out anything, it was as simple as making a sandwich. It was as if I had written it myself just for me. You have a great product. Can't say enough about it.
Congratulations on the excellent development of CD Label Designer. You have designed a very good software product. With best wishes for continuing success.
All I wanted was a simple program that would download my audio cd titles from CDDB and print them on my jewel case inserts. I just bought version 2, and it does exactly that. I tried other programs that either didn't support CDDB, or wouldn't print properly on the labels I purchased. This program lets you define exactly where on the page to print if your labels don't match the default settings, a feature that many other programs don't offer. Kudos!
Can I take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy using your program - I find it so much easier than other programs out there, and even though I have run into a couple of small problems, you have always been very prompt and precise with your customer support. Really, well worth the money I paid for it!
Great product -- I have been looking for this for five years, tried several others that cost much more before finding this. Thanks!
Fabulous program! My sincere congratulations to you and your staff. You have created a trim, highly effective program... I know I've tried many.
I have just bougth your software! Want to let you know that I enjoy using it very much! Very effective, not too big, powerful, easy and intuitive! Good job guys :-) And all this for a very reasonable price! Lot's of success in the future!