CD Label Designer

Create stunning CD/DVD/BD labels and covers in just a few minutes!

CD Label Designer Downloads

File name (size)
Download CDLabelDesigner_Setup.exe
(6.19 MB)
15-day trial version, prints a watermark or reduces quality
Download CDLabDesigner.pdf
(1.59 MB)
This is a printable user guide in PDF format which has identical content to the context-sensitive help file included with the installation (above).

If you decided not to upgrade to the latest version, you can download old versions from links provided below.

Download CDLabelDesigner_Setup5.4.exe
(5.68 MB)
Old version (v5.4)
Download CDLabelDesigner_Setup4.2.1.exe
(6.22 MB)
Old version (v4.2.1)
Download CDLabelDesigner_Setup3.6.exe
(4.93 MB)
Old version (v3.6)