CD Label Designer 7.0

Major version 7.0 update of CD Label Designer is ready for download. Upgrade to this version is NOT FREE unless you purchased after September 1st, 2016. If you purchased before that day, you are eligible for 50% discount. Please use the link from within an application to see more information.

What’s New

+ Shape frame line style (dotted, dashed…)
+ Tiling scale introduced
+ List of objects for easy selection
+ Replace image option
+ More than 150 new background images and tile patterns
+ Modern Dark and Light themes
+ Lite version introduced
+ Option to use default themed background
& Hold Shift while resizing to keep center in place
& Better mouse wheel behavior
& Arrows to move object, Alt+Arrows move them in smaller steps
& When cropping image, re-calculate position to reflect position of selected area
& Automatically zoom to fit when file is opened
& Image editor – set Whole zoom by default
& Faster online background photos checking
& Support Tiles background downloading
& Help tooltip for resizing/moving
& Automatically add installed folder to favorites
* Wrong drawing position when shadow position is negative
* After image cropping, move image if completely outside the label
* Some Toolbar items language not updated until restart
* Several other minor fixes and improvements

Download latest version

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