CD Label Designer 6.0

Major version 6.0 update of CD Label Designer is ready for download. Upgrade to this version is NOT FREE unless you purchased after July 1st, 2015. If you purchased before that day, you are eligible for 50% discount. Please use the link from within an application to see more information.

What’s New

+ Support circled text effects
+ Number of new Print Layouts added
+ Blu-Ray box templates
+ Option to download more high quality background pictures (for registered users only)
+ Search through Print layouts
+ Print Layout notes placeholder, for comments, list of supported printers, etc.
+ Copy Print layout option
& Drawing speed optimized
& Better default new object positions
& More logical object selecting
& Keep center while resizing circled text
& Tries to automatically recognize if background image should be tiled
& Slightly improved Image browser
& Spine width is now also part of Print layout
& Various user interface visual and usability improvements
* Fixed some spelling errors
* Several other minor fixes and improvements

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CD Label Designer 5.4

CD Label Designer version 5.4 is ready for download. This update contains several improvements and fixes and it’s free for all v5.x customers.

One of main additions is support for 1/8 inch (3 mm) bleed while exporting and printing. So far, only disk and business card labels had this possibility, but now it’s added for other formats too.

We have also added some help for first time users and changed trial limitation: if you are still evaluating, now you can choose to print either full-quality with watermark or with reduced quality.

We also fixed some bugs, mostly in editing: undo option was causing troubles under some circumstances, Right-click -> Insert now places object on the correct position, etc.

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How to unlock full version after the purchase

1. If you haven’t already, you need to download and install trial version of CD Label Designer.

2. Copy to clipboard your registration name and key from the notification email you received after the purchase. It will also work if you copy the whole message.


3. Run CD Label Designer. When you see this window, click “Enter registration key” option.


4. If registration name and key are found in clipboard (step 2), it will be automatically filled in for you. You can also enter registration name and key manually.


5. Click “Ok” and you should see confirmation message.

Hope this helps!


How to easily create nice looking CD/DVD label

In case you missed the link from the home page, there’s a short video on Youtube (just 2 and a half minutes long) that shows how you can use CD Label Designer to easily and quickly create nice looking label for your home-made disk.

The video teaches you to insert photo, circled text and formatted text, change font and other formatting and apply some interesting effects (shadow and transparency). But this is not all that CD Label Designer supports – you can design other types of labels (CD/DVD covers, Booklet or Sleeve/Envelope), apply even more photo effects, add various shapes with different fill types, automatically insert list of files or songs, etc.

Feel free to learn more, download a trial and play with it a bit.

CD Label Designer 5.2 and Free Label Designer

This CD Label Designer update contains some improvements and fixes.

Another slightly important update is in Print window: in addition to printer output tray, now you can also change media type without opening standard driver’s Printer Properties, which can be easily missed.

Here’s a full list of improvements:

  • Layouts and templates moved to user Application Data folder
  • Remember last used text color in Text Edit window
  • Printing elements partially outside boundaries when shadow effect is on
  • Typing in Web browsers invokes actions (H – Help, P – Print, etc)
  • Alt+Arrows and Size toolbar doesn’t allow moving outside boundaries

This update is free for all v5.x customers.

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Free Label Designer

Starting with version 5.2, a free version is also available. It’s a “little brother” of full version and it doesn’t contain all the bells and whistles, but it’s still arguably most advanced labeling software available on the market, especially among freeware.

Free version information
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CD Label Designer 5.1

This CD Label Designer update contains number of improvements and fixes. One of most important is the memory usage optimization, so performance while editing labels with very high quality images is significantly improved.

Another slightly important update is in Print window: in addition to printer output tray, now you can also change media type without opening standard driver’s Printer Properties, which can be easily missed.

Here’s a full list of improvements:

  • Possibility to choose preferred media type (paper, printable disk…) directly
  • Easier template selection in the main screen
  • Editing performance considerably improved when high quality images are used
  • Maximum undo levels now can be increased to up to 100
  • Problem with saving Print Layouts in some cases
  • Problem when printing landscape
  • Problem with custom printer settings (when set from driver’s user interface)
  • Autoupdate fixed (you still might need to download it manually this time)
  • Print Preview error when no layout is selected
  • Mouse wheel above design area problem
  • Several other minor fixes and improvements

This update is free for all v5.x customers.

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Minor update: CD Label Designer 5.0.1

Happy New Year!

Today we have released a minor update with French and Polish  translations updated – thank you David and Maciej! We are still waiting for someone who’s willing to update German and Italian, or at least start working on any other currently unsupported language (such are Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, …).

In addition, we have fixed few bugs in the translation part and in Get From Print Layout option.

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Major release: CD Label Designer 5.0

We are happy to inform you that new major update of CD Label Designer, our popular CD/DVD label and cover maker software, is out. We hope that you’ll find that these additions will make your designing experience even more enjoyable and labels even more eye-catching than before.

Most important changes

  • Windows 8 compatibility
  • CD/DVD Sleeve (envelope) support
  • More editing flexibility, like moving objects outside label boundaries
  • Stretch text to the box
  • Shape Edit window
  • Other less important fixes and improvements

See more details

Discount offers

This is a major update, so all current customers can buy an upgrade for 50% of the full price, and customers who bought after Aug 1st, 2012 can get it for free. To take an advantage of this offer, just type your original registration key into Promotional code field in the order form (see instructions here), or contact us if you have any problems.

How to get CD Label Designer for free?

If you purchased after Aug 1st 2012, you already qualify for free upgrade. If not, there are still other possibilities for discount up to 100%.


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