Welcome to the Dataland Software blog!

E-mail is starting to be unreliable these days – not all of messages reach their recipients. Due to the global spam problem people keep changing their e-mail addresses, and also keep their addresses in “secret”.

That’s one of the reasons why Blogs and RSS feeds are invented. You can subscribe to feeds of interest and use some of news aggregators.

Through this blog we will announce new versions of software, special offers, using tips, etc. Also you might find comments about stuff not directly related to our business, but still might be useful to you. In other words, this is better, more reliable and less anoying method of communication than old-fashion e-mail newsletter.

There is a number of available aggregators, some free and some commercial. Let’s name just few of them:

And if you use Firefox or Thunderbird, you might be satisfied with included support.

Choose the one that suits you and subscribe to our RSS feed.